Friday, November 13, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 316

12/November/2015, Day 316.  Thursday.

Today was a bit of a setback, because Sweetie's car broke down!

The day started with a tired Sweetie and a grumpy Grump trying to get all the silly paperwork Grump's employer requires for his absence being covered under FMLA printed and completed.  (Whew!  That was a long sentence!)  Their first stop was FedEx, where copies and prints were obtained quickly and cheaply.  (FedEx is great!)  Next they drove to the hospital to get some of the silly forms signed, where they learned that this should be done by Grump's primary doctor.  So off to the doc's office they went.

Unfortunately halfway there Sweetie's car began to make AWFUL noises.  She pulled over, let it cool a bit, then they were able to move along slowly with less grinding.  Eventually the clatter stopped, but there was definitely something wrong with the car.

They dropped the forms off at the doc's office, then went straight to the Hyundai dealership, where they left the car.  (They got a ride back home in the dealer's van.)  We hope the car is fixed soon, and that it doesn't cost too much, as with all the recent excitement our finances are already at the breaking point.

Once back home Grump and Sweetie did their best to recover.  Sweetie really, really needs to get some rest, because Grump's issues, (physical AND psychological!), are stressing her to the max right now.  Once again, thank God for Lola!

To cut out Grump's appendix, the doctor mostly went in through his bellybutton, leaving a scar.  But at least Grump wasn't cut in half, like happens to Sweetie and other women when they have a cesarian birth.

Eww!  Yuck!
Despite the excitement of Grump's operation, and the antics of Sweetie's car, we are trying
to maintain a degree of normalicy around here.  (Not that we're ever normal!)  The Christmas tree is up already!

Our Christmas Tree
Now it is late, and time for bed.

Goodnight Dodong and Sweetie!

Goodnight Kuya!
Goodnight all!

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