Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 321

17/November/2015, Day 321.  Tuesday.

Sweetie's car was still broken, so Grump had to ride a bus to work and back home.  Other than that, everyone is doing well and we have no complaints.

Dinner was butternut squash from the backyard garden, a fish and noodle dish Sweetie prepared, and, (of course!), rice.  Guys, if you don't like rice, then by all means don't marry an asian woman!

Not sure what else is newsworthy around here.  Wackos who like to blow up themselves and others are extremely rare here in central Georgia, thank God!

Sweetie did make some super yummy apple bread:

"Goop" ready to be baked into Apple Bread

Underside of a baked Apple Bread Loaf

Goodnight all.

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