Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 323

19/November/2015, Day 323.  Thursday.

Grump and Kuya survived another day of work and school, respectively, although we hope that "surviving" school is more pleasurable than surviving work.

Dinner was burritos from Chipoltle's, (Sweetie and Grump), McDonald's hamburgers, (Lola and Kuya), or chicken flavored veggie protein patties, (Dodong).  After dinner Kuya and Grump went upstairs briefly, but had to come right back down again because Dodong started wailing.  If the two big boys go upstairs, then he wants to go upstairs too!

So Kuya, Grump, and Dodong played a game of "fetch ball", where Kuya or Grump would throw a squishy little ball, and Dodong would fetch it.  It was great fun until Grump started getting ornery and throwing the ball at Lola and Sweetie, who were watching a video of Obama in the Philippines.  Grump had better hope he doesn't get Sweetie or, (God help him!), Lola mad at him, else he'll get a beating!

Now Sweetie is helping Kuya with his piano lesson, while Lola plays with Dodong, and Grump searches for something else to eat.  Another exciting day toddles to a close.

Goodnight all.

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