Friday, November 6, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 310

06/November/2015, Day 310.  Friday.

Grump was still a little shaken up from the sorry state of our finances that became apparent last night, but he eventually got over it.  (And will presumably go back to spending with abandon!)  He is fighting a bit of a tummy flu, so wish him well.  Hopefully he will be over it by tomorrow.

Kuya and Dodong are both doing great, as are Sweetie and Lola.  In fact, the only grumblings and moanings at the moment are coming from Old Grump.  No surprise there, I suppose.

For dinner Sweetie made some of her fantastic mango salsa again.  Grump had his with chicken; Sweetie and Lola has theirs with fish.  And of course everyone had lots of rice.  (No decent meal lacks rice!)

Grump is still working away on his NaNoWriMo "novel", ( , if you want to check it out), but he is falling further and further behind as "life" intrudes.

Goodnight all.

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