Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 309

05/November/2015, Day 309.  Thursday.

It was fairly decent day - misty and overcast, but warm - and everyone was doing fine.  Kuya had a good day at school, Lola did a lot of house cleaning, Sweetie cooked up big batches her yummy empanadas, Dodong played happily and safely, and even Grump survived work with no major mishaps or melt-downs.  For dinner we had burritos from Chipolte's, and hamburgers.

And then it happened.  Sweetie opened the Sam's Club bill which had arrived today, and it was .....


Oh good Lord!  How, on top of our ridiculous Amex balance, ($2,000.00 and climbing), the money her sister back in the Philippines still owes, ($1,000.00, which WE get to pay!), and the $600.00 we still owe the estate lawyer, are we EVER going to pay this?

Phooey, phooey, phooey, and DOUBLE phooey!!!

Grump has never been in the position before where he had a job and was still unable to pay his bills.  Back when he was a contractor he would go thru "off contract" spells when he had to use money he had saved, but when he was working he was able to save more than enough money to cover these dry spells.  (That is the ONLY reason we have any savings at all right now.)

He's quite honestly at wit's end with all this ridiculous spending.  I guess it's gonna be a lean Christmas around here.

Goodnight all.

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