Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 311

07/November/2015, Day 311.  Saturday.

Despite not feeling all that great yesterday, Sweetie and Grump didn't get into bed until late, and then didn't sleep that well.  (Dodong was restless again.)  So they were tired today.

For lunch all of us, (Grump, Sweetie, Kuya, Dodong, and Lola), drove to Miss M's house, to check up on Miss M's Mama.  Sweetie and Lola had a great time chatting Bisaya with the other filipinas who were there,  Kuya and Dodong enjoyed playing with Miss M and her friends, and Grump played on our laptop, (which we took along), and slept on the couch.

Once we got back home Grump and Kuya went to see the new Peanuts movie, which is really good, but not quite as good as Inside Out, (which was a FANTASTIC movie).  After that we ate some leftover bihon from a party we had not been invited to, (don't ask!), then lay about the rest of the evening, mostly being tired and grumpy.

Just so you realize that it is not all pretty scenes around here, I've attached a couple pics of Dodong and Kuya with a fat old man, (Grump):

My Eyes!  My Eyes!!

With those images in our minds, let's tuck in for the night.  Goodnight all!

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