Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Day in a Year in a Life / Day 318

14/November/2015, Day 318.  Saturday.

I suppose the highlight of the day was that Kuya and Grump went to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon to see a special viewing of the "Polar Express" movie.  The movie started just after lunch, and they both really enjoyed it.

Meanwhile Sweetie, Lola, and Dodong went shopping at The Fresh Market across the street.  Sweetie bought lots of fresh veggies which she used to make dinner.

As the evening wore on Grump tried to go to bed early, but he has developed a STUPID cough, which he is concerned is affecting all the stitching in his abdomen that is holding him together at the moment.  Maybe it's time to hit the codeine again?  (Fed Narcs and other busy bodies be damned!)

I suppose everyone has heard of the latest acts of violent stupidity that occurred last night, this time in Paris.  While he was recovering earlier this week Grump watched some videos about the horrific war between the USA and the Empire of Japan which raged for about five years last century.  The carnage and loss of innocent life was heartbreaking.  It is extremely depressing that humans seem doomed to repeat this type behavior over and over and over again.  I suppose we'll either grow out of this craziness, or cease to exist as a species.  Which will we choose?

Goodnight all.

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