Monday, October 3, 2016

01/October/2016 - Sleepy Saturday

Sweetie and Grump suffered a one-two punch from two unsleepy kids.  Fist Dodong stayed awake, crying, Friday night until the wee hours of Saturday morning, and then Kuya was awake bright-and-early, (5:30 am!), Saturday morning, and ensuring that everyone else was awake too!

Ugh .....

So Sweetie and Grump were very, very sleepy today.

But life goes on.  First thing in the morning Sweetie reviewed some schoolwork with Kuya, before we called in to his school so he could conduct his oral reading test over the phone.

Sweetie review school work with Kuya.

As you can imagine, the highlight of the day for BOTH Grump and Sweetie was an afternoon nap.  Other things did happen, some of which I vaguely remember.

Kuya shouting from upstairs

Our chicken dinner prior to being cooked

Although the weather is beginning to cool off considerably at night, Lola's garden are still going strong.

Some of Lola's pretty flowers
Our last event of the day was to go grocery shopping, this time at Publix.

Grocery bags full of food on the kitchen floor

We've had better, more exciting Saturdays, but then again a bad weekend day is still better than a good work day, right?


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