Thursday, October 27, 2016

25/October/2016 - Moody Tuesday

Today felt like Monday, because Grump had to get up before dawn and drive his 100 mile commute.  But it's good to have him home, even if he doesn't get much sleep!  (The boys get too excited when he's home!)

But he's not driving home tonight, (thus the reason for calling today "moody"), so although lonely back in Columbus, he should at least get some sleep!

Today Grump wandered around the TSYS campus, taking a few pics of the pink fountain.

Back home, Sweetie FINALLY got Dodong to eat some protein!  She made some of the "Mama's beef", (alas - without Magic Sarap, as that has apparently been banned from the USA), and both the boys loved it!  And who wouldn't, as it is simply delicious!

Kuya eating "Mama's Beef"

Dodong LOVED "Mama's Beef", eating TWO PORTIONS!!

Yummy Mama's Beef


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