Sunday, October 2, 2016

30/September/2016 - Friday! Hooray!!

Friday finally rolled around, thank GOD!!  Although Grump's grumpy boss made him hang around until 5:00 pm, (by which time most of the floor was cleared out, except for some other unfortunates who work for the same boss), traffic coming home wasn't too awful, and he got home at a decent time.  (Even after stopping to buy gas in Byron, since lately gas prices in Macon have been such a ludicrous ripoff.)

Some of the camotes Lola grew are really, really HUGE, as you can see:

Sweetie hold two HUGE camotes

Dinner was a yummy combination of mac-and-cheese, and freshly dug and cooked camotes.  Despite being big, the camotes aren't fibrous, and have a very nice, sweet taste.  Hooray for Lola and her garden!

Dinner of Mac-and-Cheese and Fresh Camotes

Sweetie also made some delicious chunks of camote coated with a glaze of caramelized sugar.

Yummy Camote Treats

Unfortunately for Old Grump, he only ate a couple of these before, (unbeknownst to him), Sweetie took ALL of them with her to Bible study!

So Grump stayed home with the boys, while Sweetie and Lola, (and ALL the yummy camote treats), went next door to Bible study.  Miraculously all the boys survived until Sweetie and Lola came back home, to watch over them once more.

Peace y'all!

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