Wednesday, October 5, 2016

03/October/2016 - CT Scan Number 2

This Monday Grump stayed home, because he had another CT scan scheduled.  He and Sweetie drove downtown first thing in the morning, and before lunch had arrived the scan, (and the diagnosis), was complete.

Sweetie waiting for Grump at the Doc's office

Grump has chronic infections in his sinuses, and to "fix" this the doctor would like to "scrape out" his sinuses.  Ugh!!  Grump is leaning towards NOT doing this procedure, although Sweetie would like him to have it done.

Lunch was fun: Sweetie and Grump got some sushi at Fresh Market, then ate it in Grump's car.  Unfortunately, somehow Sweetie managed to spill the soy sauce all over her shirt and Grump's car.  But what the heck; it made for a good laugh!

Dodong and Kuya had fun just hanging out.

Dodong and Kuya

Kuya and Dodong

The best part of the day occurred in the evening, just before bedtime.  All five of us, Sweetie, Lola, Dodong, Kuya, and Grump, drove over to Macon Swirls and got some very yummy ice cream.  If you ever find yourself in Macon, Ga, head on over there and get a sweet treat.  You'll thank me later!

Peace y'all!

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