Thursday, October 6, 2016

04/October/2016 - Weird Tuesday

Wow, this was a weird day.

Basically Grump got into a dispute with two "old ladies" on his project team.  Big M. got the stupid idea that an existing "bug", (which she doesn't even know if it really is a bug or not), on some screen we would use to test our changes, was suddenly our responsibility to report and fix, and Dopey D. praised her for this.  So we brought it up to our client, and totally confused her.

Since Grump thought this was a dumb idea all along, Big M. and Dopey D. are ready to take his head off, and according to Grump's other co-workers are ready to go bitch about him to his manager.

So now Grump is concerned that he may be lectured to, (or worse!), by his boss tomorrow.  All because Big M. and Dopey D. are too stupid to understand the SCOPE of a project.


There was some good news!  Back home, Lola dug up some more wonderful camotes:

More yummy camotes from Lola's garden

I hope these camotes are as tasty as the others Lola grew!


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