Monday, October 10, 2016

09/October/2016 - Atlanta Botanical Garden

It was absolutely beautiful weather again today, so we all got up early, ate a quick breakfast, and headed off to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

We got out of bed so quickly that poor "George" was left all alone earlier than usual today.

And if you're wondering why Grump's "fungus foot" looks a little better today, (you are wondering, aren't you?), it's because yesterday he and Sweetie got pedicures!  Grump didn't particularly want a pedicure, but Sweetie insisted, so he grinned and bore it as best he could.  It wasn't so bad until they got out the "cheese grater" and went to work on the bottom of Grump's feet with it!  The best part of his pedicure, I suppose, was the amusement all the other women customers got from his fussing and squirming.

An improved fungus foot

In less time than usual all five of us were packed into Sweetie's car, and on the interstate heading for Atlanta.

Unfortunately for Grump, there was a Gay Pride parade in downtown Atlanta today, so it took us much longer than usual to get to the Botanical Garden.  But once there, we really, really enjoyed ourselves.

One side of the walkway to the conservatory is a pathway that is covered with kiwi vines.  They currently are loaded with fruit.

At the moment there are lots of glass artworks scattered throughout the gardens.  These are the work of Dale Chihuly, and are pretty cool.  Old Grump usually doesn't like "modern art", but he sure appreciated these.

In front of the artwork

It's a Kuya Bug!

Dodong posing

Sweetie, with Lola chasing Dodong in the background

Hot stuff!

I think running half a mile was too much for a two year old boy yesterday, so by the time we got to the woodland trail Grump had to carry a very tired Dodong.

Kuya spent his time "entertaining" Lola.

Dodong, Grump, and Sweetie
Lola and Sweetie
Dodong and "the wall"

A hawk chose to rest under the pedestrian bridge and keep a sharp eye out on all the children, making sure they behaved or else!

The garden hawk

Playing with the pumpkins

After our trip to the Botanical Garden we were all tired, particularly Grump, who had carried Dodong for a good bit of the way.  So we decided to drive to H Mart, get a quick bite to eat, then head home.

H Mart was full of the usual cool fruits, (Sweetie bought two boxes of delicious rambutans), but once we left there to drive home, we got stuck in yet another traffic jam.  It turns out that a Georgia Fair was occurring right down the road at the Atlanta Speedway.

Poor Grump had to suffer through another 40 minutes of stop and go traffic before things began to clear up.  By the time we got home he was exhausted and very grumpy, and the rest of us were a bit irritated too, mostly from having to listen to Grump's constant complaining.  But we ordered some pizza for an early dinner, and after an hour or so of relaxing we were all in good moods again.

Peace, y'all!

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