Tuesday, October 25, 2016

24/October/2016 - Forgetful Monday

The started out well enough.  Grump woke up before dawn, and made the very long drive halfway across the state to his job in Columbus, Georgia.  He got into work okay, (he did NOT poop in his pants!), settled down and logged into his computer, and ...... then PANIC!  His wallet was NOT in the back-pocket of his pants!

Looking frantically, he couldn't find it anywhere, so in desperation he called Sweetie back home.  Guess what?  It turns out the Old Grump had left his wallet back home!

So now he would have no access to money or credit cards for the rest of the day, and would have to make the very long drive all the way back home to get that darn wallet that he forgot.  Drats!!

Back home, the boys were busy making eating dinner an art form.  Dodong attempted to coat himself with yogurt, whilst Kuya engaged in noodle fun.

Dodong eating/playing with yogurt


Kuya wanted his picture taken too

Kuya eating noodles

Because Grump will have to drive in to work yet again tomorrow, (due to his own forgetfulness), yet again we went to bed early, so the old guy could get some sleep.


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