Monday, October 31, 2016

29/October/2016 - Chores on Saturday

Saturdays are so wonderful!

Today was no exception, even though we had to do a lot of chores to get ready for Sweetie's super-duper tea party tomorrow.

When we had to run errands, even if early in the morning, Dodong was ready:

Dodong in his car seat, ready to go!

Sweetie and Lola's flowers are still kicking butt, as these pics attest to:

For dinner we went to Mikata, where Kuya horsed around, as usual.

Okay, now I have to get a bit negative here, because our dinner at Mikata was not good.  (Notice I am NOT providing a link to any Mikata webpages!)  This was our fourth visit to that restaurant; after a somewhat mediocre first visit, the other two were pretty good.  But this last time was yucky.  Sweetie and Grump got some assorted sushi, and while most of it was fine, the tuna was ..... well, let's just say it was "off".  Not rancid or contaminated in a way that would make you sick, just sorta foul tasting, like it was old, and had been thawed and refrozen many, many times.

Grump and Sweetie have eaten lots of sushi, from expensive sushi restaurants to the deli bin at the local grocers, and NONE have ever been close to being this bad!

How can a sushi restaurant serve bad sushi?

So Sweetie and Grump have resolved to NEVER go to Mikata again.  Should the urge for sushi bite us again, we'll go to Taki or Circa.


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