Tuesday, October 18, 2016

15/October/2016 - Saturday!

Is there anyone who doesn't like Saturday?  Well, I suppose if you work retail, and it's your busiest working day then Saturday isn't much fun, but for the rest of us Saturday is the absolute best day of the week.  Sunday is cool too, but with a tinge of sadness, because the ol' dreaded Monday is just lurking around the corner.

We were so excited it was Saturday that we were up early, and finished with our breakfast in no time. Now what were we to do with the rest of the day?

Kuya playing on the iPad while Daredevil Dodong contemplates his next jump

On this particular Saturday Sweetie decided that we would drive up to the Buford Highway Farmers Market in Doraville.  So we packed into her car, and drove off for Atlanta.

Getting into the car

Sweetie posing before getting into her car

The first thing we did once we got to the Farmers Market was eat some lunch.  The food was so yummy that every single one of us overate!

Finishing up lunch at the Farmers Market

The Farmers Market had the usual selection of odd veggies, including these weird green things:

What are they?  Would you eat this?

Dodong inspecting the Weird Green Things

Whilst Lola and Sweetie shopped, Grump and the boys puttered around the store, trying not to be too much of nuisance to the other customers.

Kuya and Dodong playing

There is just too much traffic going way too fast on the interstates in and around Atlanta for there not to be at least one wreck, and on this particular day we got stuck behind three of them.  Driving was tense, and we didn't get home until late in the afternoon.  Grump, our driver, didn't enjoy the driving too much, and by the time we finally got home he was quite grumpy.  But at least we had all been well fed, so well fed in fact that several of us had only a few bites for dinner.

Peace y'all!

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