Wednesday, October 5, 2016

02/October/2016 - Brunch!

It was a lovely Sunday.  We woke early, went to church, went to a wonderful brunch after that, then Kuya's friend Mr. B and his family and friends came for a visit.

All the boys were wearing blue shirts, so Sweetie wanted to take a pic of the three of them.  The following pics show just how hard this can sometimes be.  (LOTS of pics today!)

The boys do tend to pose better when Sweetie is in the pic.

Sweetie, Lola, and the boys at church:

Kuya was part of a presentation at church:

After church, we got brunch at the wonderful Dovetail.  (NO, we can't really afford it, but what the heck .....)

Dodong at Dovetail

Kuya at Dovetail

Lola at Dovetail

Waiting for our food at Dovetail

Sweetie and the Old Grump at Dovetail

Kuya's selfie

Back home, we relaxed for just a little bit, then Mr. B. and his family, (and friends), arrived for a visit.

Sweetie hasn't cooked the monster camote yet.  I wonder if it will be as tasty as the others?


The day ended as it typically does, with Dodong and Kuya laying in bed, playing with an iPhone or iPad.

Boys and their gadgets

Peace, y'all!

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