Thursday, October 20, 2016

18/October/2016 - Huh?

Grump is an old man, and like most old men he doesn't like any changes to his established routines.  So when he drove back home Monday night, the change to his normal way of doing things, (drive home Wednesday and Friday nights only), caused him considerable angst.  So he didn't sleep well Monday night.

That made today a bit of a bummer for him.

Stuff did happen, some of which may have been exciting, but ......... well, he just doesn't remember.

He did, however, have the apartment here in Columbus, GA all to himself, as the Venerable Watson was away on a business trip.  So he chatted with Sweetie and the boys for a long while, played on the internet for just a bit, then went to bed early.

Since Grump has no pics for today, here is a pic of a flying pig:


Peace, y'all!

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