Saturday, October 22, 2016

19/October/2016 - Back Home

Today was Wednesday, so after work Grump drove home after another blah day at work.  (Work ..... BLAH!!)  You could take pity on the poor old guy, and maybe help him retire.

The exciting news of the day, (for Sweetie and Grump, at least!), occurred in the evening when Grump was home, and Dodong was playing with his VTech VReader, (which is kinda a toy iPad).  Kuya wanted to play with it too, and after a rough start and some yelling, we were able to get the boys to TAKE TURNS with the VReader.  Cooperation!  Hooray!

Kuya, Dodong, and Old Grump playing with the VReader

It's fun when we take turns!

Grump continues to contribute to his "retirement plan" at work!

Retirement Plan, Part "A"

Retirement Plan, Part "B"

A co-worker buys the tickets, and texts the numbers to him.  Maybe someday the numbers will hit and the Old Grump can finally retire?  (Yeah, yeah, I know the odds of him winning are about the same as him getting bit by a shark whilst simultaneously being struck by lightening, but like we've said before, a faint hope, no matter how ridiculously dim, is better than no hope at all.)

So another day rolled off our lives and into the history books, and life went on more-or-less unchanged for all of us.  Although time moves slowly, its movement is unstoppable, and eventually continents move and mountains tumble.


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