Sunday, October 23, 2016

20/October/2016 - Another Amazon Store

By the time Thursday rolls around, working stiffs like Grump begin to let out a sigh of relief. The blessed weekend is finally within sight!

I suppose two exciting things happened today.

1. Grump ate some of the delicious budbud Sweetie prepared:

Sweetie's Yummy Budbud
Budbud is sticky rice soaked in coconut milk, then cooked inside a banana leaf.  Sweetie makes probably the yummiest budbud in the universe, so when she does cook up a batch you'd best grab yourself some in a hurry!

2. Grump set up another Amazon aStore, called "Awkward Uncle's Curiosity Shop", along with a few direct affiliate links into Amazon, (e.g.,  At the moment the main thing this store has in it are some cool fly shooting guns, but over time he'll stock it with other wonderful stuff.

A Really Cool, but expensive, Fly Shooter

That fly shooter is really, really cool, but admittedly a bit pricy.  Here's a cheaper option:

A Cheaper Fly Shooter

However you may choose to shoot flys, (and other annoying insects), I hope you hit your target!


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