Thursday, October 6, 2016

05/October/2016 - A Crisis Averted

If you read yesterday's post, you can probably tell that Grump was frustrated and concerned about his job, particularly with respect to two non-technical folks he has the misfortune to work with.  (Non-technical people should NEVER be tasked to work with IT folks on a day-to-day basis!)   Basically these two dopes, (Big M. and Dopey D.), are unable to fathom the fact that a technical project has to have a scope, and that we can't go off chasing every potential problem we think we have uncovered.

As it turned out, Grump got lucky.  This morning our tester announced, in no uncertain terms, that she was NOT pursuing any tests on this alleged bug that the two "old ladies" claimed to have found, but rather was sticking to the original scope of the project.  She even added that this will probably make Grump happy!

By the end of the day Grump was a happy dude.  Exhausted from all this psycho-drama, he was in bed by 8:00 pm.

So Grump dodged a bullet, for the time being.  However, he is now preparing himself for the possibility of a job loss, (selling off some stocks, attempting to cut back spending and reduce debt, and all that nice stuff we should be doing anyway!), because he knows that sooner or later Big M. and Dopey D. will seize on some other crazy notion and attempt to beat Grump on the head with it.

The worst part of working in any large organization is always the inner office jostling for power and influence.

Back home, (in a part of the world that is more normal at the moment!), Sweetie was VERY pleased with Kuya today, as he finished ALL his reading.  He is now mostly caught up with his school lessons, and as best we can tell doing very well.

How was your day?  Do you have co-workers who attempt to undercut you?  If so, how do you deal with it?


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