Tuesday, October 25, 2016

22/October/2016 - Busy Saturday

We mentioned yesterday that today was going to be a busy day.  And so it was!

To begin with, Sweetie and Grump both went on a 5K walk to benefit breast cancer research.  They have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor, and they walked as part of her team.

Sweetie and Grump in their official race day t-shirts

Although only a little over three miles, by the time they had finished both Sweetie and Grump were very, very, very tired!

Back home, after a brief rest, we all climbed into the Sweetie's car and drove off into the Georgia countryside to the small town of Reynolds.  We went there to help celebrate one of Kuya's friend's birthday.

Kuya eating watermelon
Dodong, Sweetie, and the birthday girl's mom

Kuya's friend's family happens to live on a small farm.  It was very pretty out there today.  Grump wishes that he too could live on a small farm out in the country.

The three boys sitting on a swing

Kuya's friend has a pet goat.  The boys and girls all went wild when her dad let the goat out for a quick run around yard.

Kuya waiting for the goat to be let out

Dodong from head to toe

Kuya attempted to give Dodong a ride in a small toy electric car.  He was not a very good driver; he didn't know how to steer!

Dodong and Kuya in the "car"

There was a candy filled piñata at the birthday party.  Kuya was the kid who finally broke it!

Kuya after breaking the piñata

It was an exciting, but exhausting day.  We went to bed early again!


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