Tuesday, October 18, 2016

16/October/2016 - Peace

After the hectic driving of yesterday, Grump wanted a day off, so today we did a whole lot of nothing.  We mostly just puttered around with whatever vice-enabling device was handy, (computer, iPad, iPhone, TV), and spent the day in idle self-indulgence.

Kuya on his iPad

Sweetie at her computer

We did, however, accomplish a few things:

1. We ordered business cards for our online tea shop.  If you've never seen our tea shop before, you can check it out at http://tea-universe.com or http://buyingnirvana.com/teashop.

2. We went out for an early lunch to the Mandarin Chinese restaurant.

...... and saving the best for last!

3. In the evening Sweetie and Grump ate some super yummy sushi at the Mikata restaurant in Macon, GA.

Grump also was able to get a quick afternoon nap, for which he was very, very grateful!


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