Tuesday, October 25, 2016

23/October/2016 - Peaceful Sunday

After the exhausting excitement of yesterday, we needed a day to simply relax.  And by "relax", I mean of course engaging in Sweetie's favorite restorative activity, namely shopping!

We started the day slowly, by lingering in bed:

Kuya, Dodong, and Sweetie relaxing in bed

Once we finally got dressed, and went shopping at the Riverside Mall, Grump was put in charge of watching the two boys.  Here is what happened when he asked them to, "sit down!"

More Wiggling
Finally, (almost), sitting down!

When seen from the correct angle, Grump's nose is bigger than Lola's head.

His head is bigger than Sweetie:

Dodong developed blisters on his feet, so Grump wound up carrying him for most of the time.  (Did I mention that we walked all the way from Belks to Dillards?)

Grump carrying Dodong
Can we go home now?

Back home from shopping, Sweetie insisted that she just "had to" dye Old Grump's hair.  (I think she may be getting a bit embarrassed about being married to an old fart!)  What can I say about this, other than it went a whole lot better than I expected.  Grump has now gone from looking like the walking dead, to appearing to be only half-dead!

Grump's lifeless hair before the dye

Grump's hair after being dyed

Whilst Sweetie was busy attempting to erase years from Grump's appearance, Dodong was busy digging up the planter in the hallway.

Dodong was busy

Fortunately for us, Lola is always there to clean up the mess when he does this.  Thank God for Lola!

We decided to go to Mellow Mushroom Pizza for a very early dinner.  Dodong was fascinated by the statue outside.

Sweetie waiting for pizza

Dodong and Lola eating pretzels

Kuya eating pretzels

Grump waiting for pizza

After dinner we went home and once again went to bed early, as Grump has to wake up before dawn tomorrow and make the long, long drive to work.


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