Sunday, December 4, 2016

02/December/2016 - Busy, Busy Day!

It was a very busy day!

Grump was home from work, so we decided that we needed to do something exciting today.  The "something" we chose was to drive to Columbus, so the rest of the family could see where Grump sleeps during the week when he is at work, and then leave from there to go to Callaway Gardens to see the holiday lights.

Since Kuya was skipping school for the day, Sweetie made him practice his piano lessons first thing in the morning.

Kuya practicing piano, with Sweetie looking over his shoulder

Sweetie has a new "remedy" that she is having Grump drink: a tablespoon and a half of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.  How does it taste?

I don't think it is one of Grump's favorites!

Sweetie and the boys early in the morning

So we left fairly early, and arrived in Columbus Georgia around lunchtime.  Upon arrival, we discovered that Grump forgot to bring the apartment key!  (Good grief!)  Fortunately we were able to contact Venerable Watson, who was at work, and who let us borrow his key for a few hours.

We met Venerable Watson at the Fuji restaurant, where we decided to eat lunch.  It was a good decision, as the sushi there was very, very yummy!

Lunch at the Fuji restaurant

Finally we got to Venerable Watson's apartment, where Grump spends the night when he is in Columbus.  As you probably know, he sleeps in the living room, as it is a one bedroom apartment.

Dodong and Kuya standing in front of Grump's bed in Columbus

Of course, Sweetie and Lola were appalled at the uncleanliness of the place, and immediately set about tearing it apart and giving it a thorough cleaning.

Sweetie attacking Grump's Columbus bed

The boys quickly decided it would be best if they got the heck out of the apartment while the ladies did their thing, so they went for a walk around the pond in the back.

Dodong and Kuya on the apartment grounds

Eventually the apartment was cleaned, if not to Sweetie and Lola's satisfaction, then at least to a level that they believed was habitable.  Venerable Sanford came by to get his key, then saying goodby we left him in his clean but ransacked apartment, and hopped in the car to drive off to Callaway Gardens.

As it turns out, Callaway Gardens is less than an hour away from Columbus.  We had some time to kill before nightfall, so we puttered around the visitor's center a bit, and shopped at the Christmas Village at Robin Lake.

Dodong at Callaway Gardens

The three boys in the visitor's center

Dodong and the doggie

Kuya had to pose too!
Posing at Christmas Village

Kuya, Old Grump, Dodong, and Sweetie

Hold still Dodong!

Lola, Kuya, Dodong, and Sweetie

One Last Pose

Dodong, Grump, and Kuya on a Giant Chair

Grump got stuck!
Sunset over Robin Lake

Eventually the sun went down, and it was time to board a tram to see the Christmas lights!

Sweetie bundled up in the darkness

We took lots of pics of the lights, but the pics are a very poor representation of the real thing.  To really appreciate the lights, you need to see them in person.

Christmas Lights

Grump took lots and lots of pictures of the lights, and despite them being mediocre at best, he has posted the best of them here:

All too soon the show was over.  We headed back to Christmas Village for a bite to eat, and to get warm!

After a final pitstop at the restrooms we got into the car, and made the long drive back to Macon along dark, deserted two-lane country roads.  It was a challenging drive back home, and Grump whined the whole way, but we made it back safe and sound.

If you can make it down to western Georgia some time this Christmas season, I recommend stopping by Callaway Gardens to see the Christmas lights, especially if you are traveling with young children. Bring lots of warm clothes if you plan on riding a tram to see the lights, as it can get very chilly when the wind blows across the lake.

Peace y'all!

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