Sunday, December 11, 2016

09/December/2016 - Santa!

Old Grump was home today.  Hooray!!

The morning started off with the usual search for Squeak Elf, who flew to a new spot last night.

Squeak Elf!

Maybe because Grump was home, Sweetie and Kuya were inspired to zip through Kuya's class.  They finished up quickly, early enough for Sweetie and Grump to scoot off for a late lunch at FOJ, one of their favorite places to eat.

But the real excitement of the day occurred whilst Sweetie, Grump, and Dodong were shopping, because, at Sam's Club of all places, Santa Claus just happened to be making a visit!

Who is this guy, and why is he holding me?

Well ....... it seems that Dodong isn't too sure about the man-in-red quite yet, but at least he didn't cry!

Back home later in the evening, we had some controversy and sibling rivalry over who should eat ice-cream, and when.  Oh, the drama!!

This is mine!  You can't have it!

But eventually the day came to a close, and we all settled down for a good night's sleep ......

Nighty-night Dodong

Peace y'all.

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