Sunday, December 18, 2016

15/December/2016 - Thursday, (cough, cough)

Today was a mess!

First of all, the ever-unstable Georgia weather turned considerably colder.  I suppose the pleasant days we enjoyed recently are gone?

But more ominously, it was a bad day for good health, specifically that of Dodong and Grump.

What happened to Dodong was that he took ONE TINY BITE of a waffle with some Nutella on it, and immediately his lips began to blister!  Sweetie was quickly acting, and gave him some benadryl right away, so it was mostly cleared up by the time they went to the doctor's office, (at Grump's strident insistence!), as the below pics attest to:

So, except for having yet another stupid food allergy, Dodong was okay.

Grump problem was more lingering; he woke up with a persistent cough.  How bad was his cough?  Well, he had a class today, and despite taking a huge handful of cough drops with him to class, he coughed and hacked and wheezed and coughed some more, all through class, all day long!!  I'm sure all the other students despised him by the time the day was over, but he honestly didn't realize his cough was that bad, else he would have called in sick.

I suppose it's obvious now even to a stubborn old man like him that he needs to have his sinuses scraped out, because of the persistent infections he has.  Bummer.

Peace!  (Cough, cough .....)

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