Monday, December 12, 2016

10/December/2016 - Traffic, Traffic, and More Traffic!

In his defense, Grump did NOT want to drive to Atlanta today.  But ...... Sweetie wanted to shop at Lenox Mall and the Buford Highway Farmers Market, so he was overruled.


On a more pleasant note, Squeak Elf flew again last night, this time landing in the laundry room:

At least when he flies he arrives at his destination quickly!

The same could not be said for us.  Traffic in and around Atlanta was awful!  It took us much longer than anticipated to arrive at Lenox mall.  Once there, it wasn't as much fun as usual, because the place was jammed full of people.

A Snowman and Gingerbread Man at Lenox Mall

Dodong enjoyed riding in a cart

Kuya was too big for the cart

If you've ever been to Lenox Mall, then you know that there are several upscale, expensive stores there.  Here is Sweetie pretending to shop at Louis Vuitton:

We "shopped" at all the expensive stores, marveling at how rich folks choose to spend their money.  Then after all that pretend shopping, we needed a real (expensive) snack.  Lola and Sweetie each got a carmel latte.  As you can tell by looking in the background, Kuya was very bored by this point.

We were SUPPOSED to go to a birthday party in the afternoon, but despite running late Sweetie insisted that we had time to go to the Buford Highway Farmers Market.  While we did manage to get there eventually, it took longer than normal.  Getting back home was a real challenge, as I-85 was a parking lot where it meets I-285.  Grump got so frustrated that he drove back to Atlanta on Buford Highway, then once in town got lost!  Everyone was tired, hungry, and grumpy at this point, so we decided to eat an early dinner at Whole Foods off Ponce de Leon in Midtown.

Needless to say, we did not make it to the birthday party.

We got home late.  Almost immediately upon arrival, the boys were busy with their electronic gadgets:

Sweetie and the iPad addicts

And so a day spent mostly sitting in bad traffic came to a thankful close!


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