Friday, December 9, 2016

08/December/2016 - Home Again

Today was an exciting day!

To begin with, Grump's team was treated to lunch at the Black Cow in downtown Columbus, Georgia.  Wow!  That is a really, really good restaurant!  Everyone enjoyed their food.  Grump enjoyed his so much that he spent most of the time there with his mouth full going, "Mmmm ...... Mmmm ......."

We all did have to go back to work after that delicious lunch, but eventually it was 5:00 pm, and time for Grump to make the long drive back home.  He is taking Friday off as a vacation day this week, so he was home one night early.

The Christmas lights in our yard were still shining brightly, and, although they can't compare to the extravagant lights at Callaway Gardens, we think they're very beautiful.

Our Christmas Lights

After dinner Sweetie, Dodong, and Grump went shopping.  You can tell Sweetie loves to shop; just look at her big grin in this photo:

Dodong and Sweetie shopping at the Riverside Mall

Dodong, like most guys, isn't all that thrilled with shopping, but he does love running around the displays in the stores.

Hi Dodong!

Ever since his reappearance last Monday, Squeak Elf has been flying around inside our house at night, while the rest of us sleep.  Here is his latest resting place:

Squeak Elf at rest


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