Wednesday, December 21, 2016

17/December/2016 - Busy Saturday

Considering that he was just getting over a nasty cough and fever, Grump would have loved nothing more than to take it easy today and just lay about the house like an old abandoned sack of rice.  Alas, it was not to be!

First, on a positive note, Squeak Elf flew again last night, landing once more in the laundry room, this time on top of our collection of recycled plastic grocery bags.

Squeak Elf comes in for a landing

We had lots and lots of scheduled activities today, so we got off to an early start, with Grump driving a car full of all of us to Publix.

Outside this particular Publix is a loquat tree.  Grump hopes he remembers its location this spring, when the loquats ripen.  (For some reason most Americans don't eat the loquat fruits!)

A Loquat Tree outside a Publix

Then it was off to the church, for Kuya to practice for a nativity play tomorrow.  Grump and Dodong got to stay in the car while Lola, Sweetie and Kuya went inside.

Hi Dodong

Soon Dodong was fast asleep!


There weren't too many other folks at the church on this Saturday!

An empty church parking lot

Inside the church, Sweetie and Lola watched as Kuya practiced his part in the play.

Kuya, (more-or-less center), dressed as a King/Wise Man

Meanwhile, Grump experience a miracle of his own, when he discovered the "ever-flushing urinal".

The ever-flushing urinal; a Christmas miracle for Grump

Once play practice was over we drove down to Warner-Robins, to eat lunch at the wonderful Monsoon restaurant.

After a yummy meal, we then drove into Warner-Robins proper to go shopping for essentials at Marghie's Asian Market.  Lola, Kuya, and Dodong stayed in the car.

Kuya pretending to be our driver

Back home, it was finally time for Old Grump to get some rest so he could recover from his illness.  But Kuya and Dodong decided he would benefit from some therapy.  Here are some pics of his "therapy":

Dodong and Kuya riding an Old Grump

C'mon horsey!  Giddy up!!
I guess you could call this "horse therapy"  Even Sweetie got involved!

Two kids on two horses

All-too-soon the therapy ended, and it was time to get ready for bed.  But Grump had one more task to do: finish wrapping the two big, heavy balikbayan boxes that were in Lola's bedroom upstairs.  Ugh!  Of course, once these boxes are wrapped, it won't do to leave them sitting upstairs now, would it?  So he had to lug the heavy things down the stairs into the front hallway.  Double ugh!!

Grump was supposed to finish this task by addressing both the boxes and filling out the attached paperwork, but he had little tantrum and, tired, sweaty, and coughing, refused to do any more work and instead began to get ready for bed.

Grump's had a long, long day.  Let's leave him alone until tomorrow.


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