Thursday, December 15, 2016

14/December/2016 - Warmer Wednesday

Odd weather around here!  Today it cleared up, a bit, and got warmer.  Almost 70 degrees, in fact.  Perfect weather ..... if you're an influenza virus!

Squeak Elf flew again last night, this time landing, (carefully, we hope!), in one of Sweetie's blue jars.

Squeak Elf in a blue jar
If you ever want to incur the wrath of Sweetie, damage one of her blue jars.  You've been warned!

Whilst Grump toiled away in Columbus, GA, Dodong, Sweetie, and Kuya goofed around:

Dodong, Sweetie, and silly Kuya

Actually it wasn't all fun and games, at least for Dodong, who didn't feel well today.

Poor Dodong!

Like I said earlier, the sun came out today.  Here is what it looked like from Grump's office window:

While that view is somewhat interesting, (well ..... okay, maybe not), what is much more exciting is one of Grump's co-worker's footwear.

Big T, the co-worker, loves to wear very colorful socks.  I'm sure you'll agree that this pair is spectacular!

Beautiful Socks!

That's it for today.  I hope all of you are getting excited for Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, that you're getting excited for the new year.


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