Wednesday, December 7, 2016

05/December/2016 - Yuck! Monday Again!

Yep, that's right ....... cruel ol' Monday rolled around again, and once more Grump had to wake up way before dawn and make the long, long drive into work.

But something exciting did happen overnight.  Squeak Elf, who disappeared just after Christmas last year, showed up in our house again!  This time he was clinging to the light fixture in the kitchen:

Squeak Elf is back!!

Meanwhile, back in Columbus, Grump reassembled his bed after Sweetie washed the sheets over the weekend:

Grump's clean and repositioned bed

Sweetie had moved the futon frame around when she cleaned last Friday, so the layout of the furniture in his "room" has changed.

Over than that, it was a mostly dreary, rainy Monday.  We do need the rain, so that's not a complaint, just an observation.  But it was a good day to be a duck, or a chunk of mold.


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