Saturday, December 24, 2016

19/December/2016 - Vacation Day

Once again Monday rolled around, but today Grump did NOT wake up before dawn and make the long, long drive to his job on the other side of the state.  Today Grump stayed in bed, because he was taking a vacation day!  Yippee!!

The morning started with Sweetie munching on pecans and cherries that we had purchased during one of our many shopping trips from the last few days.

Pecans and Cherries

Sweetie then went back to her PC.

Sweetie at the computer

Could that be Candy Crush Saga that she is playing, again?

Not Candy Crush Saga again!
But bear in mind ...... she is NOT a Candy Crush Saga addict.  Just ask her!

Meanwhile, Grump finally addressed the balikbayan boxes that he had lugged down the stairs on Saturday.  (Thank God he didn't have to tote them UP the stairs!)

I'm not sure why Grump wanted to post so many pics of the boxes.  Believe me, although heavy, they weren't really all that bad.

Later in the day Grump found himself out shopping again, at Sweetie's insistence.

How did Grump wind up shopping again?

Then, for dinner, Grump, Sweetie and Dodong went to a nearby Chipolte's.

Dodong thoroughly enjoyed playing with the corn chips, scattering them all across the table and the floor!


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