Saturday, December 31, 2016

29/December/2016 - Dodong is Active!

Today was basically a lazy day.  Or at least we attempted to make it so.

After a late, slow morning, Sweetie and Grump decided to take Dodong with them as they went shopping, and then stopped at FOJ for lunch.

Dodong enjoys being in the car

I suppose Dodong wasn't excited about eating out, because he was very restless all through lunch.

Dodong resisting the highchair

He wiggled and squirmed all through the meal.  Poor Sweetie had a difficult time even eating her food!

During the afternoon Grump took the boys to see the movie Sing.  (GREAT movie, by the way!)  Then we made the decision to eat out again.  This time it was the whole family at the Pho Saigon restaurant.

And once again, Dodong fussed all through the meal!

Sweetie walking around with Dodong, trying to settle him down

Oh well ...... I suppose we should have realized that the little guy was NOT in a restaurant mood today.


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