Wednesday, December 21, 2016

18/December/2016 - Church Presentation

The HUGE event of the day was Kuya's participation in a nativity play at church.  Scroll down if you want to read about that first.

Squeak Elf flew again last night, carefully landing sometime in the early morning in one of Sweetie's beloved blue jars.

Hi Squeak Elf

Before we left for church, Kuya practiced the song he was to play, "Silent Night".  Dodong accompanied him on another keyboard.

An early morning keyboard duet

We were having a potluck at church.  Sweetie made a dish that Grump describes as "Fungus of the Sea".  Well phooey on Grump, because she got many compliments from the other filipinos on how yummy her "Fungus of the Sea" was!  (What is it anyway, blanched seaweed?)

Fungus of the Sea

Here we are, (minus Lola, of course, who took the pic), ready for church:

During the course of worship service today the children performed musical pieces.  Here is Kuya playing "Silent Night".  He did a great job!  (He hit every note!)

Kuya playing Silent Night

In the nativity play, Kuya played one of the three kings.

Kuya in the center.  His fried Mr. B, also a king, is to the left.

The children all got lots of gifts.  Here is Kuya with his "haul".

The church we go to is the "Filipino American Christian Fellowship", which meets in the basement of the Avondale Baptist Church.

After church we briefly relaxed, then we had lots of visitors all afternoon.

Grump used his recent cold as an excuse to hide in the bedroom and mope, while Kuya had fun playing with his friend Mr. B.

By the time the visitors left Sweetie was tired, so she and Grump went to a nice romantic, late-night dinner at Bonefish grill.


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