Sunday, December 4, 2016

03/December/2016 - Very Quiet Saturday

After yesterday's frantic activity, we all needed a day off.  Today did a wonderful job of fulfilling that need.

After getting out of bed at a reasonable time, we all went to Pho Saigon for a yummy lunch.  Then, after dropping Kuya and Lola off at home, Dodong, Sweetie, and Grump went shopping at Riverside Mall.

Dodong expressing his displeasure whilst Grump tries on shoes

After these three were done shopping they came home and, much to Grump's delight, took a nap!  Dodong and Sweetie slept for two hours; Grump, an overachiever when it comes to doing nothing, slept for nearly three hours!

Later in the evening Grump and Sweetie went shopping again, then stopped off at Starbucks for a late night hot chocolate / chai tea treat.

Sweetie at Starbucks


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