Wednesday, December 28, 2016

24/December/2016 - The Day Before Christmas!

December 24th, the day before Christmas!

Everyone at our house was all excited and full of anticipation!  What would Santa bring us this year?

Squeak Elf landed again this morning, after flying back to report to Santa at the North Pole over night.  This is the last we'll see of him until next Christmas, so everyone wave goodby to Squeak Elf.

A fuzzy pic of the little elf

Grump cleaned up the "Dodong prints" on his cellphone, and took another pic

I suppose the exciting event of the day was that Grump, Kuya, and Dodong assembled a gingerbread house.  (It came in a kit, so it wasn't too difficult.  Even Grump was able to figure out how to do it!)

Kuya and the Gingerbread House Kit

Kuya and Dodong working on the Gingerbread House

Our gingerbread house may not have been the most spectacular one ever built, but it was our gingerbread house, and we were very proud of it!

After a busy day some of us zonked out right away, as soon as our heads touched the bed!

Dodong sleeping

So now it was time to dream of Santa and his reindeer, and let visions of sugar plums, (whatever those are!), dance in our heads!

Peace, and good night!

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