Wednesday, December 7, 2016

06/December/2016 - Unstable Weather

The weather today was real unstable.

In the morning the icky rain of Sunday and yesterday continued.

More rain in Columbus, GA

It cleared up after lunch, (allowing Grump to walk around and admire the pretty changing colors of the leaves) ........

A Pretty Tree

....... but soon the weather changed again, and the sky filled with ominous clouds.

Bad Clouds

Fortunately by day's end the clouds were gone, on their way to spread gloom somewhere else.

One of the weather patterns that absolutely freaks me out is tornados.  I have never been anywhere near one when it touched down, but I have seen the damage caused by a massive tornado that hit Oklahoma City about 15 years ago.  The concentrated power of those swirling winds is unimaginable!

Peace y'all!

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