Tuesday, December 6, 2016

04/December/2016 - Very Rainy Sunday

Perhaps the most exciting event of the day was that it rained.  A lot!  It seems that after nearly two months of holding back the water, Mama Nature is now letting loose on us with a fury!

Our outdoor Christmas decorations withstood the onslaught - barely.

Lawn ornaments surviving the torrential rains

 On such a dreary day, we decided the best thing to do was to go get something to eat for lunch.  So we drove off to Mellow Mushroom pizza.

Looking out the window at the rain at Mellow Mushroom pizza

Whilst at Mellow Mushroom pizza, the second most exciting event of the day occurred: Kuya accidentally poured a full glass of Sprite on himself!  Here he is just before the accident.  The soon-to-be-spilled Sprite is visible in the lower right corner:

Kuya contemplating how best to soak himself with Sprite

In the afternoon we managed to get all our Christmas cards written and addressed, which is an accomplishment.  Other than a very short nap taken by the Old Grump, (which he considers the highlight of the day!), not too much else happened.


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