Friday, December 9, 2016

07/December/2016 - Another Humpy Day

Today Grump's manager took her entire group out for lunch, and an afternoon spent, "drinking and gambling"!  Here we all are in the sports bar, sucking down the alcoholic beverage of our choice and placing dollar bills on a game of chance.

Venerable Sanford won the first game, and you know what?  He's such a cool guy that he gave everyone their money back so we could play again!  Venerable Sanford is a class act!

We finished up our drinks and by mid-afternoon started back home, so Grump was back at the apartment early.  So he decided to wander about the apartment complex and take some photos!

You can see all his pics here,, but here are a couple of the more interesting, (or at least less boring!), ones:

Nandina with berries

Roses are still blooming away

Later this evening Sweetie took Dodong and Kuya out to the Riverside mall, to buy them each a soft pretzel and an Icee.  This was done so that the boys would sleep, as for the past two nights each of them has woken up in the wee hours and claimed to be hungry.

Dodong and his Icee

Kuya and his Icee


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