Wednesday, December 14, 2016

13/December/2016 - Dreary Tuesday

Perhaps the most exciting event of the day was that Squeak Elf flew overnight again, landing in a new spot again this morning:

Other than that, it was a very rainy, overcast day:

The View from "The Window"

Dodong and Kuya both had colds.  Kuya's seemed to just be starting with a sore throat, but poor Dodong was already running a slight fever.

After work Grump went out to eat dinner with a co-worker, Tom.  They chose to go downtown, to a place across from the big post office.

The Big Post Office

The place they went was, (no surprise), the same place Grump had been treated for lunch last week, namely, The Black Cow.

A Good Restaurant

While the food was good, ominously Grump had begun to have a scratchy throat just before leaving work, and over the course of the evening it got worse.  Once he was back at Venerable Sanford's apartment it was just plain hurting!

So now, in addition to Dodong and Kuya, Grump is sick.  Ugh!  A sick Grump is an unpleasant Grump indeed!  Let's pray for all three boys, that they get rid of their colds ASAP.


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