Monday, December 12, 2016

11/December/2016 - Grump's Birthday!

Today was the Old Grump's birthday!

Woo Hoo!  What a special day indeed!!
We think he's about 112 years old now, but it's hard to tell, as sometimes he acts just like a little child.

The day began with a zombie invasion!  Watch out!

Here comes a zombie.
He's gonna get ya!

Then we all got dressed, and went to church.

Dressed for church.  

At church Kuya stood in front of the whole congregation and gave a reading from Luke.  He did a great job!

Kuya giving his Bible reading

Not, of course, that this prevented him from goofing around with his friends:

Miss C watching Kuya grab Dodong

Mr. B, Little Charley, and Kuya

Back home, Grump got a quick 1 hour nap, (a terrific birthday gift!), then we had visitors.  Kuya got to play with his friend Mr. B., Sweetie got to speak Bisaya and Tagalog with other filipinos, and Dodong spent some time with the lovely Miss C.

Miss C and Dodong

A very happy Dodong
I think he enjoyed this, don't you?

After a few hours we then went next door and had some WONDERFUL beef and fish cooked up by Aunt Lily.

All too soon Grump had to crawl in bed, to prepare for awaking before dawn tomorrow and making the long, long drive to work.  Let's leave Grump to his sleep, and check in on the family tomorrow.


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