Saturday, December 24, 2016

22/December/2016 - Warmer Thursday

Here in Georgia, the weather began to warm up again after the recent cold spell.  It was a nice day to go for a walk and take pics, so Grump did just that.

However, before we discuss Grump and his meanderings, we need to note that Squeak Elf flew again last night, and landed this morning amongst the decorations and presents cluttering the dining room table:

Squeak Elf flies again!

Just as he did yesterday, Old Grump went strolling around downtown Columbus after eating a quick lunch, snapping a few pics as he went.

If you ever find yourself in Columbus, Georgia, you can get a decent lunch at Ruth Ann's Restaurant:

Ruth Ann's Restaurant

The imposing building in the following two photographs is, unfortunately, just another government building, home of the Muscogee County Probate Court.

Many of the pretty old houses downtown are now forced to whore themselves out as law offices.  (What a tragic end, huh?)

Here we are back at the imposing building containing the Muscogee County Probate Court.

It was a REALLY SLOW day at work.  How slow, you ask?  Well, several of Grump's co-workers spent most of the day putting together this puzzle:

All in a Day's Work!

Finally, let's end this post in the same locale it began, namely, back home in Macon.  Dodong got an early Christmas present of a small toy truck, and he loaves it!

A boy and his truck

Actually it wasn't supposed to be an early gift, but somehow Dodong got his hands on it, and tore off enough of the wrapping paper to understand what was inside.  And boy was he happy!  Dodong loves cars and trucks and anything else that you can make ZOOOMMMM that has wheels.  Maybe he'll grow up to be a mechanic or engineer?


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